Instructional Design


Magnolia Public Schools (MPS) believes that our families, students, and staff are contributors to a thriving and rich learning community. Our instructional design is based on three pillars: Innovation, Connection, and Excellence. Instruction is delivered through a critical lens reflecting rigor and standards, where students own their learning, can demonstrate knowledge, and understand that learning is life-changing. Instruction is designed purposefully using research-based methods.


Our process incorporates the Jerrold Kemp instructional design method, which utilizes ADDIE components of planning, evaluation, project management, support and implementation, and revision to continuously monitor and evaluate the academic program. This is achieved through Kemp’s instructional design process of: instructional strategies and solutions, content sequencing, task analysis, evaluation instruments, designing the message, instructional delivery, and objectives, resource delivery and learner characteristics. This model defines five different components of an instructional design and at the same time adopts a continuous implementation/ evaluation model. This model will be integrated into Depth of Knowledge for academic cohesiveness. We believe in the analysis of learning needs and the systematic development and personalization of learning experiences. STEAM is the platform by which we enhance instruction, increase intrinsic motivation, and make learning relevant through real life connections.


MPS aims to utilize the latest and most innovative tools to maximize personalization and customization for a superior academic program that is tailored for a student’s individual needs by which a passion for learning is created that will be sustainable for life.

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