STEAM Focus For Creativity and Innovation


MPS believes that an educated citizen in the 21st century must have the skills and understanding to participate and work productively in a technologically oriented and global environment. A significant step toward helping students achieve their maximum potential involves providing a rigorous, relevant and college preparatory curriculum. MPS educational program specifically emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education. While the curriculum concentrates on STEAM, it also provides a solid instruction in humanities and social sciences to educate the whole child.


SCIENCE courses will immerse students in the scientific method and encourage them to use the applicable technology to plan and organize projects, hypothesize, analyze data, and draw conclusions from experiments they choose and create based on their interests. Science classes will employ technology in laboratory explorations and experimentation. Students who have experience applying scientific inquiry and reasoning to real-world problems in the classroom will have a clear advantage when they are exposed to the types of questions that require similar thought and reasoning process as adults in college and workforce.


TECHNOLOGY courses will be offered to spur interest and prepare students for STEAM related careers. Computer simulations assist in expanding the number of lab opportunities in all grade levels. Students’ observations and reflections are the key factors for maximum learning results through hands-on instruction. In conjunction with the Computer Technology instruction, MPS will implement a Computer Science Program.


ENGINEERING design process is implemented in classes starting in kindergarten as part of the NGSS emphasis. Engineering Teachers will use instructional aides to spur interest and enhance teaching and learning practices in science and technology, engineering and math. Skills in programming, and sequencing are developed using these tools.


ARTS instruction focuses on developing students’ creativity, imagination, discipline and self-expression through drawing and fine arts, music, drama and improvisation, and dance. 


MATH courses will provide a comprehensive scope and sequence in an effort to address the diverse skills, interests and backgrounds of all learners. Students will be assessed for their current knowledge and skill level and placed in the most appropriate class. Those with little math background will be supported with remediation and intervention. Students with a strong background are provided with acceleration opportunities.    

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