Parent and Community Engagement (PACE)

PACE PROGRAM COORDINATOR ROLE                                    

The PACE Coordinator works to build social capital by fostering person-to-person and people-to-place relationships, develop the skill and will of parents and community leaders to take on leadership roles within schools and in their community, and encourage civic engagement in order to build neighborhoods where the stakeholders want to invest their time and resources to transform their communities. They make connections with residents to broaden and deepen the community network, support local advocacy, and develop leaders who will carry out the mission of Magnolia Public Schools to provide a college preparatory educational program emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) in a safe environment that cultivates respect for self and others.



The PACE Coordinator is responsible for outreach functions including volunteer engagement, community partnerships, communications and outreach, and community mobilization that lead to stronger engagement and partnerships within the Magnolia School Communities.

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